London Poem: Day 364

16 August

It’s getting closer,
Winding down
Like spiral stairs,
Leading to the
Other heaven.
Just kiss me, and
We’ll go.
Where doesn’t matter
Because the finality
Of the year is just
Inches away,
We will step in another,
Same as did the last,
And count them as
They stack up,
End on top of end.

London Poem: Day 363

15 August

Home is nearly a year removed,
Far split from comfort as
Ugliness and wide spread arms
Look for something in the
Great, vacant world.
This is home now, still,
After time and life I know
I’m separated from both.
A stranger in a strange land,
And funnily enough, in a
Familiar one.
This is the land I know, and
By fate or misfortune
This is where I will stay.

London Poem: Day 348

31 July

With a quiet night a still,
Gentle rumble disturbs the
Easy plans of a night for the ages.
But, why would the world change?
Why would the fire flip?
The gentle sail overhead eases the pain
With soft lights twinkling,
Everlasting, while the trees
Bend like pulled elastic –
We are all the way in,
Through pain and foiled plans,
And nature may only look back to
Watch with its many eyes.

London Poem: Day 335

18 July

Building already, I
See two bridges stretching,
Connecting two cities to one,
Even while I watch London
Bloom, like strange winter
Flowers, Right out of the
Earth, skyward. This place
Doesn’t matter for the moment,
The hope is it will be exactly
Where we left it when we return –
Unlike those winter flowers who
Wither and die before
They can be fully admired.

London Poem: Day 334

17 July

Not so far away now,
Coasts inching closer,
Asking: what took you so long?
Well, the world curves
For the both of us,
But I’m too timid to
Say anything, so
Instead I’ll let the miles
Roll backward and give to me
The Home I know, rather
Than the adopted one
I currently accept.

London Poem: Day 126

21 December

Softly it comes,
With the sound following
Closely behind.
It’s all wrapped in the pall
Of where we are, and
Everything in between.
It’s the center that holds
It all and keeps us going on
Before we turn and go.
So, this is just where we are,
Knowing we can live
Wherever we fall.
Home is just a sound,
Not unlike your name.
A sound that helps
Carry me through all of this.