London Poem: Day 58

14 October

We become bashful, considering the future
With presumptuous talk and high aims.
But, what suits us is comfort in knowing
We are in the same place.
So, we listen, eagerly
As designs unfold,
And build our own out of it,
Swirling in the grand plans
of where we can go.
But all in all,
The destination is weightless,
So long as the end provides you and I as one.

London Poem: Day 57

13 October

Everything becomes strained by anxiety
And insecurity,
Which forms cooly and without notice.
Matters grow worse without warning,
As the best of man slips away unseen,
And give way to the grotesque.
Steps are taken to rid such follies,
But nothing comes,
Only concealment of what we wish to hide,
Painting our worst great, grand colors
So that at sight
Everything looks as it should.

London Poem: Day 56

12 October

The sound that burns comes effortlessly,
Though all of the other nonsense
That muddles and gets in the way.
It’s easy to ache for what is missing,
When the taste lingers and sounds remind
Of that moment.
Oh, but how easy it is to dismiss what lays ahead
When sounds arching shapes
Hold no bearing because
They have yet to be heard.
To be surprised
Excites more than nostalgia
May ever offer,
And it is merely waiting for new sounds
To awaken and excite.

London Poem: Day 55

11 October

Be fair,
It wasn’t always my fault.
But, it doesn’t matter.
Sight is separated
And we fight to explain
Everything that transpired
Through our own eyes.
Blind to that which we failed to see
Through yours.
Two blind creatures
Hoping for the best,
To lead us to that self-gratifying
Truth, our truth.
Nothing is ever more right
Then when it’s said yourself.

London Poem: Day 54

10 October

Creating in thick strokes,
Which are never cautious enough
To allow the paint to spread thinly –
Only moving impetuously
To attain what is wanted when its wanted.
It’s never bright enough,
Or there is never enough water.
Still, we just paint and paint –
Creating our worlds
With lazy hands,
Providing desires on a whim,
And shading the danger so it never is seen.

London Poem: Day 53

9 October

Forget what you heard about language.
Communication binds us, but words fail.
We bob between the constant struggle to articulate
What it is that floats in and out of our head,
While trying not to give away too much.
It never works.
Words come in,
looking for an exit,
To find all of the doors have snapped shut.

London Poem: Day 52

8 October

I am here,
Under the tawny sheen of street lamps –
Smoke rising gracefully,
Cutting through the swirling
Pieces of this morning’s headlines –
Becoming lost.
I will wait under this fading light,
past midnight, past 2 a.m.
And past it all.
As night flees and softly turns to day –
The rosy glow of pink gradually
Giving way to a soft yellow –
I will wait for the world and her;
I will wait, where I am.

London Poem: Day 51

7 October

Searching for words to define feeling
Leaves us empty and only more confused.
Language fails,
So we clamor for the right words
To sum up the you and I;
The he and she; the this and that;
We move with an undeniable level of fatalism.
Does it matter that no one can ever say what they feel?
Surely not,
We just move and bounce
To fill the gaps of what we don’t know
Because we live for a grotesque,
Endless quantification of our lives.

London Poem: Day 50

6 October

Wide curling spaces
Bend and bloom,
Caught in arches,
Never ending in their ever rotating circles –
Explaining the inescapable equation.
Clear and open paths that stretch,
And it all empties without pretext.
There is little praise for repeated scenery,
Only a hope for the slightest diversion
In a road too familiar.

London Poem: Day 49

5 October

Grey washes over,
Wet, dripping – the world is washed.
We lay concealed, hidden to stop it from reaching us.
There is no need for new,
Only a continuation of what there is,
But what does water do
To create a new world?
I only see a mask
To hide what is not to be seen.
So, you and I,
remain away, without the baptism
To preserve, by fire,
The growing endearment
That shakes us from the night’s dreams,
To a glowing day that makes your face more dear
Than the sun to dry this wet weather.