The Final London Poem

18 August

One last poem for posterity,
One more for good show;
A few words to look back
On with clarity,
Before it’s time to go.
It’s been a year to cherish,
And a year to love;
It brings tears to my eyes,
So it will be here I will
Pass on my final goodbyes.

London Poem: Day 365

17 August

One year,
Cause for celebration
And the close of
This exercise.
One year to learn
To live alone,
And one year
Lived in love.
There will be more,
But the first,
Fresh and cherubian,
Is the one to set the bar –
It now lives with me, and
Through the grief and
Joy synonymous with life,
I will never hand it over.

London Poem: Day 364

16 August

It’s getting closer,
Winding down
Like spiral stairs,
Leading to the
Other heaven.
Just kiss me, and
We’ll go.
Where doesn’t matter
Because the finality
Of the year is just
Inches away,
We will step in another,
Same as did the last,
And count them as
They stack up,
End on top of end.

London Poem: Day 363

15 August

Home is nearly a year removed,
Far split from comfort as
Ugliness and wide spread arms
Look for something in the
Great, vacant world.
This is home now, still,
After time and life I know
I’m separated from both.
A stranger in a strange land,
And funnily enough, in a
Familiar one.
This is the land I know, and
By fate or misfortune
This is where I will stay.