London Poem: Day 334

17 July

Not so far away now,
Coasts inching closer,
Asking: what took you so long?
Well, the world curves
For the both of us,
But I’m too timid to
Say anything, so
Instead I’ll let the miles
Roll backward and give to me
The Home I know, rather
Than the adopted one
I currently accept.

London Poem: Day 333

16 July

We live to die,
A quiet death in a years time –
After age has folded itself
Into a strange beast;
A blend of regression, and a world
Seen and tossed aside.
Do not let pain enter, nor
Force Heroism to join either,
Simply offer a soft bed,
And the quaint blind
Excitement of getting into
Bed for a quiet nights sleep,
For it to all fade away.

London Poem: Day 332

15 July

In the slow fall of evening
Pain becomes the word, the
Soft and welcoming word, to
Bring the world together.
Got to have one, two, to
Soften the sound of the harsh
Reminder of where you once were.
But, I must tell you, forget
The word passed to you, the sharp
Bend that cut your ears and heart,
Because for the moment,
You are home.

London Poem: Day 331

14 July

Time gives way to memory, or
Memory shapes time, with
All of the squares lined in
Little rows to confuse the two.
To linger in unknown, does not
Tear away the man from the memory,
But that is the method one gauges time.
But, how does time work when our
Memories are only pieces created in time.

London Poem: Day 330

13 July

Great gobbling mouths never fill themselves,
Endlessly starving and feeding simultaneously,
Wanting what was, and what will be.
A taste that fails to disappear, a desire without end –
How the sense builds in the mind,
Taking on a life of it’s own –
This is what lingers in the gently
Caressing kiss of memory.

London Poem: Day 329

12 July

Starry eyed with the shapeless man,
Folding and unfolding colorless
Traumas unseen in his vapid eyes.
The sorrow and the joy becoming words,
No more than love and grief,
But, to bend in soft graces,
Finding self in smaller, impersonal
Triumphs brings envy to light.
To feel without feeling,
Quickly as the mind can make it,
Is what fame this man this man is
Recognized by. Wanting collapses
As want is removed from deep
Behind the eyes, experience
Disappears close behind.
Take from him your shape, and life
Flits away unknowlingly.

London Poem: Day 328

11 July

The sound, though unlived,
Still creaks under the slow
Stutter, with which it’s name
Is whispered. The mother cries
At a life unknown to her; the word,
Still stained with a blood blind
To it’s grain, and through it all
The earth continues its precise revolution.
How do you escape the whispered
Chatter of a history never lived?
There is only walking,
With a soft tear,
On and on and on.

London Poem: Day 327

10 July

We are dreamers,
Dreaming silly little things,
Curling between the foot,
And the floor step, where the
Line between is a hazy boundary
Between fact and some form of fiction.
But, what does anyone know when
Dreams and words are spread together –
Nothing means anything when
There is nothing to base it upon.

London Poem: Day 326

9 July

At the top of the world,
Sight bends little stars
Upside down, allowing the
City to come to life.
The heavens fall to meet
The climbing earth,
The collision is exploding light –
It is said there is meaning
In the curling shape to provide sight,
But now, just this one time, the
Lac of meaning is what makes us happy.

London Poem: Day 325

8 July

We are in a relationship –
However, there is a fast
Spreading divide, growing swiftly,
Unstoppable, and while I watch,
My heart hurts more and more.
There is no telling what can
Can be done because you mouth is
Shut, and your eyes pull away –
I need to know I am truly loved,
And to feel like I am home –
Not to bend to your heart.