It’s Nice to Dream But we’ve got to Wake Up Sometime

It’s a simple game. See Ball. Hit ball. Run like Crazy. The Giants can muster 1 out of 3. Okay, to be fair, they manage all three, but the results are rarely favourable. They see the ball, watch it dribble to a middle infielder or loop lazily into the mitt of a corner outfielder, and run right on into the dugout.

Heading into Spring Training no one thought they would do otherwise, even with the acquisition of two additional bats. However, as those March days opened and hits fell one after another, dropping right into the early days of April, we saw a team we dreamed of during those hot stove months. But, what happens when you dream, when you get that brief, sweet taste of something wished for-asked Santa for? You wake up.

The spring is the natural alarm clock for life, plants and animals alike, but we seem to have slept too long because we woke groggy, believing the dream to be real. The dream of clutch base hits and RBI’s was a lovely thing, but waking up at the end of April to find it was all a dream is difficult to take. Real life, waking life, where the pieces that fit so perfectly in sleep clumsily manifest into a 5-49 hole with runners in scoring position, a severe drought in home runs, and a team trend of hitting in the mid .200’s. But, it’s still early, what happens is a mush of what is to come and what has been all along. 5 runs off of arguably the games best pitcher, Roy Halladay, and a decent 3-for-7 with men in scoring position may suggest a turnaround.

Who knows, we just woke up right?

But, the road doesn’t get any easier with Cole Hamels, a gritty Aaron Cook, and two talented young starters in Jorge De La Rosa and Urbaldo Jimenez. 3-for-7 is going to have to get a lot better. But the question remains, can we ask such things from a team we believed would do just what it has been doing? Of course we can ask, but receiving such wishes may be beyond possibility, though still those sweet dreams linger and push expectations high. So, now that those beautiful spring imaginings have given way to the coming of summer’s gruelling reality, it is unfair to knock a team for doing exactly what we believed it would do. There is a lot of time left for the Giants to hit 5-49 with runners in scoring position and break our hearts to boot, but do not forget that there is also time for them to find whatever it was that made March and April so wonderful. Just remember, it is our own high expectations that have made this last week so painful. The Giants are merely living up to our winter expectations. There is a lot time to raise them back up.

But, until that time I think I’ll take a nap.