Jim and the Magic Khakis

The San Francisco 49ers have their flights booked to the Emerald City as they prepare for their third NFC championship game in as many years.

By taking down Cam Newton, the biggest thing in Charlotte since Larry Johnson and Grandma-ma, and the rest of the Carolina Kitties the 49ers have without a doubt stamped their place on the cover of the forthcoming NFC magazine: Little Darlings.

While there is certainly no taking away from their talent over the last three years, something must be said for the common denominator: a faded black pullover sweater and a pair of magic, pleated khakis. Over the last three years we have seen those khakis dance, spin, jump and run with exuberance not often attributed to the uniform of the Suburb dwelling middle manager. Without fail they’ve appeared at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field; they’ve clutched damp skin in the muggy heat of the southern states; those pleats have even kept their sharpness under the bright lights of the Super Bowl.

It was fair to say that Jim Harbaugh had large shoes to fill with the 49ers coaching pedigree. Bill Walsh, George Seifert and Buck Shaw to name a few. But, he has proven what a good coach can bring to a team. Before Harbaugh, the 49ers had spent a small fortune repolishing the doorknobs that were smacking the backsides of their eschewed cadre of dismissed coaches. There were lean years of fledgling hope and terrible records. It was difficult to believe that anything could save this hopeless franchise.

Then along came the man with the magic pleats.

Taking a team that Nolan and Singletary helped build and failed to succeed with, Harbaugh instilled a since of unity and camaraderie. Those magic khakis donned a pair of spikes and hit the field with the players. In three years, Harbaugh has done more than what most coaches have achieved in their entire careers. Some of which had lasted shorter than 3 years. The point is, Harbaugh reminded a group of players that big payouts are great, but they only come to winners, and winners only win when everyone pulls in the same direction.

It sounds cheesy, because it certainly is. If anyone has every watched Jim Harbaugh give a post game press conference, then you will agree there is never a shortage of pre-packaged cheese plating on hand. But, it works so it’s difficult to knock. These large men, who are violent for a living, have taken to what this manic man in a pair of pleat front khakis is saying as gospel and they are running with it.

Often times, with that manic little man in his magic pants following them onto the field.


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