Top 5 Tracks for the week of May 6

Top 5 Tracks for the week of May 6

I’ve been ignoring my project slightly. Letting it slip between the couch cushions of the mind. Naturally this wasn’t my intention, but life happens and things you want do not always make the cut of things you do.

Such is the way humans live.

With that said, I’ve been enjoying an eclectic mix this week, and these songs are merely a sample of the things I’ve been listening to.

It’s been a weird week, as they have tended to be this year. But, this week was filled with both longing and satisfaction; butterflies and rejection; acceptance and impossibility. The prevailing sentiment was, “if only…” the end of that phrase was interchangeable. But, I digress. The songs:

  1. “This Must Be the Place” – Talking Heads
  2. The Other Side – The Dismemberment Plan
  3. I Threw it all Away – Bob Dylan
  4. I Wonder – Chris Isaak
  5. I Love How You Love Me – Jeff Magnum

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