Top 5 Songs of the Week

For me, music lives where no other endeavor does.

The way notes carry, bending over your heart to assuage whatever trauma afflicting it; or equally reaffirming the happiness life has bestowed upon you. We live by soundtrack – it moving as we do. Music is a simple emblem of who we are, and what we believe in. Yet, simultaneously, music is anything but simple. It is a complex animal that covers so many facets that attempting to define the impression music has made on my life with words is useless – it can’t be done.

So, I’m proposing to define my feelings for music my own way. Every week I plan on posting my top 5 songs of the week, songs that have moved me for one reason or another. They might be old, possibly new – they will be pieces of music that I want to share with the world.

In doing this, I hope to create a dialogue with people who feel the same way about music as I do, and prompting them to share their own top 5 songs of the week. Maybe this little fun thing will grow into “Mix of the Month,” or whatever the mad mind can conjure on a whim.

I want to share my love for music and I want to be shared with. So join me.

Listen carefully; say what you think and most importantly share what you love.

My Top 5


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