About Keelan Crampsey

394802_166191333501474_100003318251054_242554_1648020931_nWelcome to my corner of the world. It’s probably unkempt and full of detritus but what would a personal corner of cyberspace be without a few personal touches.

I’m a Californian – a San Franciscan to be specific – I moved to London for graduate school, pursuing that wild American dream of being an academic in Europe. Well, after obtaining my MA in comparative literature, I found myself bored of academia and opted for the romance of being a poor, struggling author in London instead.

After 5 years of twirling through the maze of London, I decided that if I were ever to return to California, it would have to be then. So, I packed up and moved again.  I miss London like mad, and much of what I write here are reflections on my experience there.

I am still a struggling author, but years and age have forced me to find a day job, which has caused fiction and journalism to fight for time. So I’m using this little platform, this tiny soapbox to write what I love, which are things that make me angry about the arts, American politics, social issues and so on. My anger knows no bounds – I even plan to write about sports in the near future.

To paraphrase William Faulkner, I merely want to “let my inexhaustible voice trail on until the ding doom of time…” and in the modern age there are few better platforms than this.

If you like what you read get in touch. If you don’t, the same goes…but remember I am a human and do suffer from hurt feelings.

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3 thoughts on “About Keelan Crampsey”

  1. I’ve never been drawn to poetry. I find it hard to trust words sometimes. I chose paint to express the world I live in. That said, I can relate to the struggle and the need to reflect on your experiences. You’ve got quite a soap box there !


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