All Your Cousins in One House: Mexican’s, Bush’s and the Changing Faces in American Politics

The ever changing face of the Republican party is finally getting the long awaited make over it needs to regain favour with the growing majority in the United States: the Hispanic population. Like we knew it would, this renaissance is going to begin in Texas.

The Lone Star state has a hotshot politician on the farm causing a number of GOP-ers to salivate in anticipation of his arrival into the big dust-up that is American politics.

What has voters, policymakers and Ol’ Rick Perry in Austin clamouring is what this 36 year old has in his bag of tricks.

He has pedigree, carried with him by a legacy not always favourable, but a name that is the conservative answer to the Kennedy’s. Secondly, and most importantly, he is a child of a Mexican-born mother into a family with blood bluer than the mighty Pacific.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s another Bush; another George Bush because, well they all are.

George P. Bush is the grandson of George H.W, nephew of George W. and son of Jeb and his wife Columba.

This list of heavy hitting political names is like something out of Middle-Earth, and should be enough to give Democrats a sudden shiver because his first stop will be for a seat in Texas, then you know where Bush’s always end up–the South Lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave sipping Shiner Bock.

If George P. is serious about running for office (and we know that’s all Bush’s do, aside from become insanely wealthy) he is just what the GOP is looking for, fitting snugly in with John Boehner and Sean Hannity’s backtrack on immigration policy.

During the recent election President Obama was re-elected largely impart to owning 71% of the Hispanic vote nationally. Romney wasn’t helped the riotous language the Tea Partiers were filling the GOP rhetoric with, as the recent election showed the Hispanic vote is growing while the white vote is way down; proving that Tea Partiers like to moan and keep things the way they are so as not to go to the trouble of finding something new to moan about.

The fact George P. Bush is a Texan (sort of, he grew up in Florida) like his Uncle and Grandpapy (who were breaking bones in Connecticut, and found homes in Texas after Yale) where Hispanics make up 35% of state population. P. Bush is everything that the Republican Party is looking for: he speaks Spanish, has Republican values and has that delicious pedigree the GOP voters gobble up.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for the Democrats as the Republican’s aren’t the only ones to have blue chip Hispanic leaders waiting in the wings. The Castro brothers, identical twins from, wait for it–Texas–are both currently in the thick of San Antonio politics, with Joaquin just being elected to the 20th Congressional district, and Julian still mayor of San Antonio. They believe that Texas is in for a big political shake-up, and they might be right as they have caused some in the Texas GOP to grow nervous, and that’s what will make the future of American Politics really exciting.

It is because of this that I will make the prediction that in the next 3 or 4 elections you will see a Hispanic as the President of the United States of America. One party will make the first move and the other will counter with their promising star–it’s the way it works.

However, this should give Democrats reason to be concerned because if there is two things the American public love it’s change and continuity. We are a contrary sort, but George P. Bush offers satisfaction to this contradiction. He is a new face, with an interesting new voice while still possessing a name that has a long history of “success” in American politics. The Castro’s on the other hand share a name with a frightening figure from the 20th century, which would undoubtedly be brought into the ring, much as President Obama’s name was associated with nefarious terrorist figures and Iraqi leaders. Politics are just that petty.

Though I’m not really a fan of a Bush dynasty, I love what this means for my race, culture and the future of my nation. I am a half-blood Mexican and have long witnessed my family suffer as a result of their heritage and absence of voice. My great-granduncle rode with Pancho Villa, and my great grandmother stood side by side with Caesar Chavez, but that was as far as their puny inexhaustible voices would carry, until now. The landscape is changing and I’m sad that some of them never got the opportunity to see their hard work; their blood, sweat, tears and constant poverty come to mean something for the generations they struggled for.

I’m proud to be Mexican, and I’m proud to be American–but what brings the most pride is that we aren’t simply learning to speak the language of the nation, the landscape has changed so much that America is finally learning to speak ours–and my family would be proud.

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